The Constant Gardener (2005): Being Questioned


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The clip being questioned from The Constant Gardener (2005) with Ralph Fiennes, Danny Huston

Why is the child being questioned? It's okay.
Why did you come to talk to this boy?
He attended my wife's funeral, so I came to thank him.
For a diplomat, you're not a very good liar.
Well, I haven't risen very high.
We know about your wife, Mr. Quayle.
He was her lover? this, uh, Bluhm.
So people are pleased to tell me.
These men you hired to kill them?
They rape and kill her, and they let him go.
Where did you find them?
Well, perhaps I asked a policeman. Can you tell me what I'm doing here, please?
We've been asked to... keep you here.
Right. Help us help you. I'm sorry. Could you explain?
I have not acquired a taste for Kenyan tea, I'm afraid.
Look, we're trying to help you. You help us, we help you.
If you give us something small, we can always say we didn't find you.
Don't you believe I have the power to let you go?
Can I help you? Yes.
My name is Woodrow, Acting Head of Mission for Her Majesty's government.
This is Detective Inspector Deasey of Scotland Yard.
Mr. Deasey will be inquiring into the death of Mr. Quayle's wife.
If you have any questions, ask them of him.
Is that clear?
You weren't mistreated? No.
You know whose territory you are in, Mr. ? What did you say your name was?
And your name is?
The, uh?The boy Kioko who I came to see?
What have you done with him? He ran away.
I hope nothing's happened to him.
Where's your car, Justin? It's near the market.

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