The Constant Gardener (2005): Meeting the Relative


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The clip meeting the relative from The Constant Gardener (2005)

Ladies and gentlemen?
Ladies and gentlemen, please keep all your belongings with you at all times.
It's good to see you, Ham.
Sorry about the blubbing. It's those bloody Latin genes, you know.
It's the same old Ham.
Oh, no. No, not anymore.
God, I loved her rotten.
And she loved you rotten.
First cousins can be closer than siblings.
I still don't understand why I let you talk me out of going to the funeral.
It was the wrong crowd for you, Ham. We'll have a private memorial service here.
You can blub all your way through it. Don't think I won't.
Hire the Abbey. You can afford it now. Can I?
Tess left you bloody well off. Want to know what you're worth? Not particularly.
Oh, I've got the keys to the Chelsea house. Thought you might want to stay there while you're in London.
No, I'd rather not. Well, it's all yours.
That and her African women's charity.
Said it would get you out of the garden. When did she say that?
Two weeks before she died.
Look, I am ravenous. Have you had lunch?
Yes, I have. A very civilized lunch with Bernard Pellegrin...
Who expressed an interest in Tessa's diary.
But Tess never kept a diary. She hated the things.
You and I know that. Pellegrin must have been disinformed.

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