The Constant Gardener (2005): First Meeting


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The clip first meeting from The Constant Gardener (2005) with Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz

Pointing nations the safest way through country...
Fraught with peril.
And that's it.
Uh, Sir Bernard Pellegrin has asked me to convey his, uh, regrets...
That he's been unable to deliver his lecture in person.
And I thank you on my own behalf for your very kind attention.
Thank you.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Yeah? Yeah, sorry. Excu? Excuse me.
Sir, I've just got one question. I just wondered whose map, um, is Britain using...
When it completely ignores the United Nations and decides to invade Iraq?
Or do you? do you think...
It's more diplomatic to bend to the will of a superpower...
And?and politely take part in Vietnam, the sequel?
Well, uh, l? I can't speak for Sir Bernard?
Oh, I thought that's why you were here.
I mean, diplomats have to go where they're sent.
So do Labradors. Ooh.
Well, I think that, no, Sir Bernard would no doubt argue...
That when, um, peaceful means are exhausted, then? Exhausted?
Mr. Quayle, they're not exactly exhausted, are they?
I mean, they're just? they're just? No, they are just lying in the way of the tanks.
No, l-l-let's face it. We've taken 60 years...
To build up this international organization called the United Nations,
Which is meant to avoid wars, and now we just blow it up because our car's running out of petrol.
Sit down, Tessa, for Christ's sake.
L? I think?
Hold on a minute. Let's see what he says.
I think the questioner is making a valid point, and that a nation's foreign policy should not be determined by narrow commercial interests.
That's bullshit.
That's bullshit. You have to take responsibility.
You are being paid to apologize for this pathetic country of Britain,

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