The Constant Gardener (2005): Investigate Part 2


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The clip investigate Part 2 from The Constant Gardener (2005) with Anneke Kim Sarnau

You sent this to my wife.
I need to talk to you. Our computers were stolen last night.
Yes, I know. They have never gone this far before.
I can't be seen with you. Sorry. I've Karl to think of.
Is there some safe place we could talk?
Nowhere. Nowhere safe. Nowhere?
Please. Just... a few questions.
Okay, let's talk here. With these people. All right.
Okay. My bike's across the street. Ask your questions before we get to it.
Is it a scam? Scam?
Dypraxa. Does it cure T. B.? Yes, it cures.
But it can also kill, you know, because they haven't got the formula right.
Right. So why don't they work on that?
It's cheaper to fix the trials.
Exclude the patients that have side effects, you know.
To go back to the lab would cost them time? two years?
Millions of dollars, and other companies would have time to produce their own cures.
Okay, next question.
You said to Tessa in your e-mails that the Kenyan government had approved the trials.
Somebody bribed them. Who?
ThreeBees, Lorbeer. We don't know.
But $50,000 in the right hands, and you can test battery acid as skin lotion.
My bike's there.
Stop! Stop!

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