The Constant Gardener (2005): Give Letter


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The clip give letter from The Constant Gardener (2005)

This is what you came for, I believe.
Your wife would have made that tape public, Mr. Quayle, with my voice on it.
That letter was my insurance policy.
But how did they know where to find her?
They were on their way to Marsabit, taking the whole rotten package to Grace Makanga.
Makanga would have put it in front of the U. N.
But someone knew exactly where Tessa and Arnold would be.
That was me.
I radioed Nairobi.
KDH security man name of Crick. God, Christ, man.
I didn't know they were gonna be murdered.
My oath to God.
Crick's going to know that you were up here.
Going to be very interested to know where you're headed.
What do I tell him?
He'll know.
He's been there before.

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