Midnight Run (1988): Calling Eddie for Money


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The clip calling eddie for money from Midnight Run (1988) with Robert De Niro, Joe Pantoliano

Hello. I'd like to make a collect call to Eddie Mascone from Jack Walsh.
Mascone Bail Bonds.
Jerry, Jack. Put Eddie on the phone.
It's Jack.
Stop fuckin' around. Where are you?
Where am I? I'm in Boise, Idaho.
No, wait a minute. I'm in Anchorage, Alaska.
No, wait. I'm in Casper, Wyoming.
I'm in the lobby of the Howard Johnson's and I'm wearing a pink carnation.
What are you talkin' about?
I'm not talkin' to you. I'm talkin' to the other guys.
What other guys?
Let me describe the scene to you.
There's these guys, see? They've probably been up for two days.
They stink of B.O. They have coffee breath.
They're constipated from sittin' on their asses for so long.
They're in a van, probably parked right up the street from your office.
But you guys are gonna have to pack up your shit and go home...
because I'm onto you, you dumb fucks.
Your phone is tapped. I'm not gonna use this line anymore. Go to Chin Loo's.
I'll call you there in five minutes. They can't run a tap that fast.
So long, everybody.
Excuse me, buddy. I got it! I think it's for me. Jack, that you?
Listen. Wire me $500 to the Western Union in Amarillo, Texas right away.
What do you need with $500 on a bus? And why the fuck aren't you on a plane?
Did it ever occur to you that I am a professional and have my reasons?
We are driving now, and I only have enough cash to get to Amarillo.
We scrapped the bus.
Fuck the bus! I wanna know what happened to the goddamn plane!
He doesn't like to fly.
He doesn't like to fly?!
What the fuck does that mean? Listen to me, Jack!
You gotta be back here in less than two and a half fuckin' days.
A half million dollars of my money! What the fuck is goin' on there?
Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, I swear to God, don't start with me...

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