Midnight Run (1988): Making an Arrest Part 2


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The clip making an arrest Part 2 from Midnight Run (1988) with Joe Pantoliano, Robert De Niro

My stomach's killin' me. I'm goin' to Chin Loo's for breakfast.
I wanna talk to you.
About what?
I'll talk to you over there.
Could I have my money first?
Of course. You think I'm gonna try to stiff you?
You? Never! He would never try and stiff me.
Do I detect sarcasm?
Where have I inherited this reputation?
I have never done business with anybody...
and Jerry is my witness, that I have ever, ever, ever
Has that phone ever rang with a complaint about me?
Never. So let's go. I'll buy you some breakfast.
I don't eat breakfast.
Then have an early lunch. Let's go.

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