Midnight Run (1988): Gail Helps Jack


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The clip gail helps jack from Midnight Run (1988) with Robert De Niro

You got so big.
I'm sorry. I'm gonna go now.
No, hold on.
I'm sorry, honey. We're havin' a...
What grade are you in now?
Are you in the eighth grade?
Here's $40. That's all I've got, but these are the keys to my car.
It's the station wagon in the driveway.
I'll tell Ted that it's in the shop.
And we'll worry about it when you get back to L.A.
So, does he take good care of you?
Yeah? That's all I wanted to know.
So what's he gonna say about this?
He'll understand.
Uh-huh. That's love, you know?
Bye, honey.

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