Midnight Run (1988): Jonathan's Story


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What time you got?
It's ten to 9:00.
In ten minutes, we'll be at the Western Union office, we'll have 500 bucks.
I'll buy ya a juicy steak or what ever you want, okay?
Chorizo and eggs?
Chorizo and eggs?
I'll get you whatever you want.
You know, Jon, you're in this mess because you're in this mess.
I didn't put you in this mess. Do you understand?
If you had left Jimmy Serrano alone, this wouldn't be happening.
Thank you.
I had a way out of this, you know.
Oh, yeah?
What's the thing Serrano's most afraid of?
Goin' cross-country with you.
Gettin' knocked off by his own people.
What I know his financial transactions...
would not only put him away, but every mob guy he ever did business with.
That's why he wants to kill me.
I was gonna put all his records on computer disks.
I figured if things got too rough, I could always trade them for my life.
What happened?
What happened was I got arrested before I had a chance to do it.
Why didn't you just leave him alone?
You don't look like the kind of guy who would be involved in that situation.
Why didn't you leave that heroin dealer alone?
I was a mob accountant.
I thought I worked in a legitimate firm.
When I found out I was managing accounts who were friends for Serrano...
I couldn't just sit back and do nothing.
But you still took what didn't belong to you.

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