Midnight Run (1988): Meeting Tony Darvo


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Harold Longman, please.
Harry? Jack Walsh. How ya doin'?
You got that address check on that phone number for me?
Okay. Thanks a lot, Harry. Say hello to Julie for me.
Okay, bye.
Thank you.
You Jack Walsh?
Who wants to know?
Answer "yes".
We'd like to have a word with you.
Yeah? What about?
It involves big cash, lotta prizes.
I'll make it short. The people I work for are interested in your visit.
Yeah? Who do you work for?
Your old friend from the Chicago days.
You're here for the Duke. You think he's in New York, and we think you're right.
That's a nice jacket. What is it, goat skin?
Come on, Joey, please, will ya? Never mind him.
I hear you didn't cooperate with my boss a few years back.
Is that what you heard?
Yeah, but I got a news flash.
He'd pay a lot more for the Duke than that bail bondsman in L.A.
How much more?
How about a one with six zeroes?
Are you gonna propose?
'Cause if you're not, quit starin' at me, okay?
You're staring at me.
Joey, back off, will you, please?
Mr. Walsh, your car's located in space number 206.
You can catch our shuttle bus just through these doors.
Thank you.
Here's my number, Jack.
Ask for Tony Darvo. That's me. They'll put you through to wherever I am.
And be good to yourself this time, okay?
Tell Jimmy I said hello.

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