Sixteen Candles (1984): Sam's Dad Apologizes Part 3


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The clip Sam's dad apologizes Part 3 from Sixteen Candles (1984) with Paul Dooley

That's why they call them crushes.
If they were easy, they'd call 'em something else.
[Sighs] But if I were Ginny,
I'd have this guy crawling on his knees.
Well, let me tell you something about Ginny.
Now, I love her as much as I love you. But she's a different person.
Sometimes I worry about her.
When you're given things kind of easily, you don't always appreciate them.
With you, I'm not worried.
When it happens to you, Samantha, it'll be forever.
Well, I don't think I'll be able to sleep if I don't feel this little talk has helped you.
So would you be a sport and lie to me? [Chuckles]
Yeah, sure, Daddy.
[Kiss] Good night, sweetheart. Good night.
Oh, one more thing, sweetheart.
When you do find the right guy, don't let him boss you around.
Make sure he knows you wear the pants in the family.

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