Sixteen Candles (1984): Girl Advice from the Geek Part 2


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The clip Girl advice from the Geek Part 2 from Sixteen Candles (1984) with Michael Schoeffling, Anthony Michael Hall

She doesn't know shit about love.
Only thing she cares about is partying.
I want a serious girlfriend.
Somebody I can love, that's gonna love me back.
Is that psycho? [Spits]
That's beautiful, Jake.
I think a ton of guys feel the same way as you do. Really?
Yeah. It's just they don't... They don't have the balls to admit it.
You know? They're just... They're wimps.
Samantha's, uh... She's really special, you know?
I'll make a deal with you.
Let me keep these. I'll let you take Caroline home.
But you gotta make sure she gets home. You can't leave her in some parking lot somewhere.
Jake, I'm only a freshman.
So? She's so blitzed, she won't know the difference.
Jake, I don't have a car. You can take mine.
Jake, I don't have a license. I trust you.
Jake, I'd love to. I can't. Want a pretzel?
You sure? Positive.
I got her. You got her?
Is this, uh, your car, Jake? No, this is my dad's car.
You said you couldn't drive a stick.
This is a mother...
This is a Rolls-Royce, Jake.
So? So! So.
I heard the grill alone cost five grand on this.
Five grand! I don't have five grand.
Then don't hit anything. Ahh, don't hit anything.
Do you want to do this or not?

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