Sixteen Candles (1984): Talk with Samantha at the Garage Part 3


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The clip talk with samantha at the garage Part 3 from Sixteen Candles (1984) with Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall

Sorry if I embarrassed you.
I'm not embarrassed.
Fresh breath's a priority in my life.
I don't want to hurt your feelings,
'cause it's really human of you to listen to my bullshit.
I care about it, really. I mean...
I know I came on kinda like a poozer on the bus tonight and everything.
But that's just so my friends won't think, you know, I'm a jerk.
But they're all pretty much jerks, though, aren't they?
Yeah, but the thing is, I'm kinda like the leader.
Kinda like the king of the dipshits.
Well, that's pretty cool. Hey, but a lot can happen over a year.
I mean, you could come back next fall as a completely normal person.
Yeah? Sure.
Would it be totally off the wall if if I asked if I could have sex with you?
Yeah, well, you askin' me is not as off the wall as why I won't.
[Laughing] No.
I'm sorta saving myself.
It's really stupid. He doesn't even know I exist.
Jake Ryan.

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