Sixteen Candles (1984): Getting Ready for the Day


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The clip getting ready for the day from Sixteen Candles (1984) with Edward Andrews, Molly Ringwald

Don't be a smart-ass. Okay, I'll be a dumb-ass.
[Sara] You already are.
Okay, where's Sam? Where's my briefcase?
Sam? Allow me, Brenda. Hey, birth defect!
[Brenda] You missed breakfast again.
[Dad] It wasn't my idea to give her her own phone line.
[Sara, Mike Arguing] [Brenda] Grab a doughnut.
It's small. It's brown. It's made of leather.
It has my initials on it. And I believe... that's it.
[Car Horn Honking] Don't forget the grandparents are coming this afternoon.
Are we still having dinner with the Rice Chex? Rizczechs. 8:00 at the club.
You'd better learn their names. As of tomorrow, they're family.
That's a lovely thought. Hmm.
When it comes your turn to get married, do me a favor. Elope.
Who'd marry her? Mr. T.
I'm sorry, you'll have to buy lunch today. I didn't have time to fix your carrots.
She's only eating carrots to increase the size of her breasts.
Mister, you had better shape up, or you will miss your sister's wedding.
Now, don't give me that pouty look of yours.
You can eat your carrots when you get home.
That's it? You don't have anything else to say to me today?
What would you like me to say, Sam?
Come on now, honey. You're gonna miss the bus.
Have a good day.
I can't believe this.
They fucking forgot my birthday.

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