Sixteen Candles (1984): An Unwanted Suitor


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The clip An unwanted suitor from Sixteen Candles (1984) with Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald

[Theme from Dragnet]
How's it goin'?
How's what going?
You know, things, life, whatnot.
Life is not whatnot, and it's none of your business.
[Pages Ruffling]
Hmm. So you goin' to the new faces dance tonight, or...
That's also none of your business.
[Sniffing, Clears Throat]
Are you inhibited about dancing in public?
I mean, you don't have to dance.
Maybe you could just stand there with me and my dudes and just be you, and...
Sounds major. [Sniffing]
So, I mean, what's the story? I mean, you got a guy, or...
Yes, three big ones, and they lust wimp blood.
So quit bugging me, or I'll sic them all over your weenie ass.
You know, I'm getting input here that I'm reading as relatively hostile.
I mean, it's just... Go to hell.
Very hostile.
Come on, what's the problem here? I'm a boy, you're a girl.
Is there anything wrong with me tryin' to put together some kind of relationship between us?
Look, I know you have to go. Just answer one question.
Yes, you're a total fag.
[Laughing] That's not the question. [Brakes Squealing]
Am I turning you on?
[Door Squeaking]
[Sighing] It's encouraging.
Very encouraging. Yeah, uh-huh.
You know, a girl with a hat is just so... Whew.
So vogue. Uh, y-yeah.

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