Nurse Betty (2000): Interrupted Sex


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The clip Interrupted sex from Nurse Betty (2000) with Aaron Eckhart, Renée Zellweger

Sizemore Motors, the best selection of used cars in Big Springs-Fair Oaks.
We're out making a sale... leave us a message.
Better yet, come on down and steal one of these beauties right out from under us!
Coffee's always up!
Betty Hi, Del, it's me. I guess you're busy, but...
...I wanted to know if I could take one of the new Buicks tonight.
Um, so, call me, um...
Whoa! Hang on a second, there, baby.
Oh! Hi! You're there.
What do you need one of them Buicks for?
What... You sound out of breath.
I ran back in to get the phone.
Oh. Well, um...
No, no. Wait. Joyce.
...Sue Ann is taking me out, and, uh, I just thought it might be nice... go in a new car.
What was that?
Nothin'. God, y'know, it's busy here!
Um... Well...
You don't need a LeSabre to go out with Sue Ann.
I don't need one, but...
Take the blue Corsica.

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