Nurse Betty (2000): Betty's Happy Moment


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The clip Betty's happy moment from Nurse Betty (2000) with Greg Kinnear, Renée Zellweger

Is it here?
Oh, great. Now.
Gosh, I haven't been this happy since I was 12.
OK, I'll bite. What happened when you were 12?
I took my mom to Kansas City for Mother's Day...
...and I used the allowance I was saving.
We went to lunch at Skies...
...this restaurant at the top of a building...
...and you can see the whole world from up there.
It was our last special day.
Cos she died that year.
It was a great day.
You just gave me goosebumps from that, you know that?
That is just great improv.
I just want everything to be perfect between us.
I know, I know. Listen, let's... let's... Time, here.
Let's... Can we talk seriously for...
...just a minute?
I know how much you want this, Betty...
...and you are gifted and extremely determined.
But I gotta tell you, it is not entirely up to me.
I know. It's up to us.
I love you, David.
And I want to see you tomorrow, and the next day...
...and the next day, and the next.

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