Nurse Betty (2000): Headed for the Grand Canyon


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The clip Headed for the Grand Canyon from Nurse Betty (2000) with Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock

Hey, look! Look!
We don't have time to look at some hole in the ground.
I'm talkin' about one of the seven natural wonders of the world here.
It'd get dark before you got there.
You wanna see the Grand Canyon at night?
That shit ain't grand, it's bland!
What the hell does it matter?
We could be in Vegas in four hours.
Shit! She wasn't in Kansas City.
I know.
She wasn't in Dallas or Houston, either!
What makes you think she'll be in Vegas?
Think she's gonna be waitin' there with tassels on her titties?
"When I grow up, I am going to become a nurse or a veterinarian."
"I always wanted to help people and value all life... it animal, plant or mineral." Does that sound like a showgirl to you?
Keep turnin' the pages. I'm sure she blows a few strangers before it's done.
Do you hear yourself?
You sound like a fuckin' madman!
Are you an American, Wesley?
Yes, I'm an American.
And no, I'm not going to the fuckin' Bland Canyon!

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