Nurse Betty (2000): Betty Fails the Second Take


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The clip Betty fails the second take from Nurse Betty (2000) with Greg Kinnear, Renée Zellweger

Listen, I'm sorry, I thought this would be the best way. Throw you into it, y'know ?
What the hell's going on?
If you need a minute to get your instrument straight...
Can I talk to you? Can I talk to you? Just a second.
Stop calling me David.
For Christ's sake, we're on the set. You don't have to call me David here, OK?
What's going on?
What is going on, what?
You're acting crazy here! Isn't this exactly what you wanted?
I don't know.
Is there a problem, George?
No, no, no! No problem. There's...
What is the problem? Just... do that thing that you do.
I mean, come on! You drove me nuts with this for three days.
Now just relax and... and let's do it.
Here we go! Here we go. You're fine. You'll be fine. Here we go!
Sorry about that. All right? Here we go.
And... five. Four. Three.
Is this some kind of game that you're playing?
No, it's more like a nightmare I can't wake up from.
There are other people in that nightmare, and they're going to get hurt.
Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Who's driving the car, David?
How can I ask you this?
This is bullshit!
I cannot work like this!
All right, everybody, take five.
No, no, no. Hold on.
Let me talk to her. She's just...
It was a gamble, it didn't work.
We have to move on.
Goddamnit, she's been doing it all week!
No! George, I said forget it!

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