Nurse Betty (2000): Sue Ann Can't Make It


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The clip Sue Ann can't make it from Nurse Betty (2000) with Renée Zellweger

Did you watch it yet?
Oh! I sure did.
I tell you what, if that man got any better-looking... would be a crime of some sort.
I know.
OK, are you ready?
I've got a surprise for tonight. We're going to the Starlight in style.
Oh, Betty.
OK, I'll give you a hint.
You squint your eyes, and it looks just like a Jaguar.
I am so sorry, I was gonna call you.
Larry's got a lodge meeting. There's no way I can get a sitter this fast.
I feel awful.
Oh, that's OK.
Maybe next week we can go bowling or...
Yeah, that'd be great.
Yeah. That'd be great.
Well, thanks!
OK, well, have a happy birthday. OK? Have a good time.
I'd better go start dinner.

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