Nurse Betty (2000): It's Beneath Her


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The clip It's beneath her from Nurse Betty (2000) with Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock

Now, let me tell you why I know she's lying.
First place, Betty would never fall for a soap star.
It's beneath her.
I don't know, that bartender sounded very serious.
No, Betty's here on business.
It's the biggest market for what she's selling.
Wait, wait. Hold up, hold up. That don't make no sense!
What doesn't make any sense?
Well, you obviously believed the lady! Shit, we're all the way here in LA!
So you believed her enough to come the fuck out here!
If you believed her that much, why is the rest of her story suddenly bullshit?
I just don't buy it.
Don't buy it !
Call it instinct. Call it 35 years of professional know-how.
I call it nutty as my shit after I eat an Almond Roca.
You need to remember who you're talking to.
I need to get my fuckin' head examined!
You can't rule something out just cos you got a whim...
...or you thought the bitch was fine!
I been followin' your whims all across America!
And y'know what? I am fuckin' tired!
It's beneath her?
The bitch is a fuckin' housewife! Ain't nothin' beneath her!

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