Nurse Betty (2000): Betty's Grandparents


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The clip Betty's grandparents from Nurse Betty (2000) with Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock

That's Betty when she was 12.
Very graceful.
Perfect form.
Such poise, too. Very impressive.
Thank you, ma'am.
Did she ever give you any indication that she might leave her husband?
She put up with things that I wouldn't have.
And yet, she, of all people, defended him.
That's why what that sheriff said made me angry.
What do you mean?
If anyone paid to have that husband of hers killed, it would have been me.
Well, Mr and Mrs Blaine...
...I can assure you without a doubt that your granddaughter's alive.
And she had absolutely nothing to do with the killing of Del Sizemore.
You've got to be missing a piece of your soul to kill someone.
That's not our Betty.
Why you say you gotta be missin' a piece of your soul to kill somebody?
Well, because it's not natural, young man.
It's very, very natural to kill. All species kill.
See, God kills.
You sayin' that God's missin' a piece of his soul?
My partner's young, Mr Blaine. He loves his job. Loves his job.
Matter of fact, he'd like to kill all the criminals himself.
Let me just ask you this.
If Betty was running from someone, where do you think she'd go?

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