Nurse Betty (2000): Examining the Crime Scene


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The clip examining the crime scene from Nurse Betty (2000) with Crispin Glover, Renée Zellweger

Can we use this?
Yeah, hand me that bag.
Hey, Betty.
Are you OK?
I'm great.
I was wondering if I might be able to ask some questions about what happened.
Well, I saw the whole thing. It was disgusting.
Really? Did you see who did it?
You did? Who was it?
It was Chloe.
You guys wanna try not stepping directly in the evidence, please?
Roy Ostrey!
You and your goddamn police scanner! I leave here for ten minutes...
Betty, I'm sorry about this.
Oh, it's no problem.
Well, bye, everybody.
Nice to see you, Sheriff.
Thanks for stopping by!
Where the hell's she goin'?

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