Nurse Betty (2000): Betty Watches TV


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The clip Betty watches TV from Nurse Betty (2000) with Morgan Freeman

Is he crazy, Jasmine? He's been on his feet for 14 hours.
Chloe, it's been this way since Leslie died.
Losing himself in his work, poor thing.
This is getting a little reckless, don't you think?
I don't think he has a choice.
Hang on a second, Jasmine!
It's not like he has to do it.
Well, who else at Loma Vista can do it? Who else can do what David can do?
Try Lonnie Walsh. And he wouldn't expect to be knighted for it.
Blake, I can handle that transplant.
We need somebody with the right kind of experience, Lonnie.
Even if he's falling asleep on his feet?
It's a complicated procedure, Lonnie. Why don't you observe?
Hey, I'm not fresh out of medical school!
Excuse me, miss?
No, you're not, Lonnie. You're a good doctor. But you're not David Ravell.

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