Nurse Betty (2000): Deranged Fan


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The clip deranged fan from Nurse Betty (2000) with Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear

How do you do, Mr McCord? We're trying to locate a deranged fan of yours.
A Mrs Betty...
Deranged. Yeah, that'd be the, uh...
...that'd be the right word for it. That's not necessary.
Uh, she's staying with a friend of hers, Rosa Herreras... or Hernandez.
Has a... has a H sound to it. They're in Silver Lake.
That's all I know.
Silver Lake.
You must get this a lot.
More than you know.
Anything else?
OK, great.
Uh, actually, there is.
You know, I'm a big fan of the show, and I figure you being Dr Ravell and all...
...I thought you might be able to go out there and tell Jasmine to come outside.
Well, you thought wrong.
Hey, man, it's just an autograph.
It's not for me.
No, it never is.
Motherfucker! You need to have some fuckin' manners, man!
What the fuck is wrong with you, man?
Hey! I saw your TV movie! It sucked! Hasselhoff blew you off the screen!

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