Dracula (1979): Legends


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The clip legends from Dracula (1979)

you should come inside now; it's getting very cold
I was just sitting a while with Mina
What are these?
Ah! Those tiny flowers are from the garlic plant
Whatever for?
Do you believe in corporeal transference?
No In materialization?
No And not in astral bodies?
What is this to do with Mina?
You know the legends of central Europe
of the werewolves and the vampires Vampires?
Creatures who suck the blood of the living
You aren't saying that Mina was attacked... A creature that is dead
and yet not dead... a thing that lives after its death
by drinking... Oh, no!
It must have blood, or it dies an agonizing death Please stop!
Miss Lucy!
wonder if I may?
This was to be Mina's
for her birthday
She would want you to have it
and to wear it always

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