Dracula (1979): Lucy is Cold


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The clip Lucy is cold from Dracula (1979)

Lucy, what's the matter?
Lucy, what is it? Lucy! Come, Abraham, we need to get some...
Lucy! Dr. Seward. Jonathan
Thank God you're back.
Doctor, quickly Lucy, she's so cold!
She has lost a great deal of blood
There's scarcely any pulse
She'll have to be given a blood transfusion
Pray to God that one of us has her type.
Swales! Swales!
Take these and rub them against the inside of all doors and windows
Crush them against the glass so that the fragrance permeates the whole room
and keeps away all evil and don't forget the little room in there
Oh, good God, Professor. Not garlic. I'm sick to my stomach as it is.
Are you feeling weak? No, it doesn't matter
She needs more than your blood, Jonathan
She doesn't need to breathe the odor from those plants
Do not trifle with me. There is a grim purpose in all I do.
Just a little bit longer All right

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