Dracula (1979): the Original Deed


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The clip the original deed from Dracula (1979)

Yes, of course Have you brought the original deed?
If you'd like to sign at the bottom
And some customs documents for your crates
Now, I didn't know what to say of their contents
Soil Soil?
Just plain dirt Transylvanian earth
I have a keen interest in botany
Can you drive to London at once to record the deed? No
Tomorrow I must stay with Lucy for the funeral
Oh, yes Of course
She's taking it... Not well She blames herself
She was with me when Mina was taken ill
I see Then you and Miss Seward will marry?
Yeah, I suppose so.
If I can ever persuade her to settle down long enough. Yes
She is stronger than most women, isn't she?
Yes, she is I must be getting back
Mr Harker, would you deliver this letter to Dr Seward? Of course
I should like to offer his daughter and he the hospitality of my home after the funeral
You're welcome, of course, but you are leaving, are you not?
Good evening
Good evening

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