Dracula (1979): Undead


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The clip undead from Dracula (1979) with Donald Pleasence, Frank Langella

but there seemed to be a doom over the ship from the moment we left Varna
Count, uh, some wine... No, thank you, Doctor
I never drink wine
Before you arrived, we were looking at the ship's log
It wasn't lost at sea? No
The very last entry was a strange word:
A word that Mina thought meant "undead"
Undead? Yes, uh, nosferatu.
Ah! It means not dead. You were right
No, with your permission and all due respect to Miss Van Helsing...
Yes, I'm quite finished, thank you... there is a distinction:
The words not dead...
Damn! Carry the simple meaning...
Dead, undead. I don't care. They all frighten me.
Oh, I love to be frightened
Do you?

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