Meet Joe Black (1998): Helicopter Wind


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The clip helicopter wind from Meet Joe Black (1998)

Good morning, Drew. Thanks for coming up.
Well, big day. Wanted to line up a few ducks before kickoff.
Any thoughts, last minute refinements, variations, anything?
Thoughts, no. I did hear a voice last night.
A voice? In my sleep.
What'd it say? "Yes. "
Yes to the deal? Maybe. Who knows?
You know how voices are.
Hmm? I thank you, Delia.
Okay, let's go. Delia, your pen.
Hi, Bill. How you doin'? Morning, Quince.
I'm doin' great, and you? Oh, I'm great.
This is it, "B-day. " Huh? Sorry.
Bontecou day. We're gonna close... with Big John.
Look at you, Bill. You're all cool as a cat.
Over at Bontecou's, I'll bet he's just shittin' in his pants.
Remember, everybody, big meeting tonight at Daddy's.
Dinner. You, too, Drew. We have lots of loose ends.
Not my birthday again? You're only 65 once, Dad.
Thank God. Now let's get the day started.
Remember, dinner in the city at Daddy's!

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