Meet Joe Black (1998): Board Meeting Part 3


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The clip board meeting Part 3 from Meet Joe Black (1998) with Jake Weber, Brad Pitt

And not only will you have to pay him to do this,
far more important, you'll have to agree with him.
Reporting the news is a privilege and a responsibility.
And it is not exploitable.
Parrish Communications has earned this privilege.
John Bontecou wants to buy it.
As your chairman,
I urge you to agree.
This company is not for sale.
It sounds like you're not leaving much room for discussion.
Thank you. You're welcome.
I know. I'm sorry, I... Looks like I'm reversing my field.
That's your privilege, Bill. But given our needs,
given the absolute necessity for growth, given the future,
the truth is, joining John Bontecou is every bit as certain as death and taxes.
Death and taxes? Yes.
Death and taxes?
What an odd pairing. It's just a saying, Mr. Black.

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