Meet Joe Black (1998): Old Jamaican Woman


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The clip old jamaican woman from Meet Joe Black (1998) with Lois Kelly-Miller, Brad Pitt

Please. My mama is sicker than him.
No, Mama.
Obeah, man.
I goin' die.
Mama, stop it. It's just a man.
What's Obeah? Bad spirit. She just all fever.
She don't mean nothing. Please help us. Of course.
No Obeah, sister.
Everything gonna be all right.
Have you registered? No.
You gonna be all right? Go with the doctor lady. Mama gonna be fine now.
Don't leave. Don't leave me.
She'll be right back, okay? Mama.
Obeah evil. I not evil, woman.
And what you is then?
I from that next place.
You waitin' here to take us?
Like you is the bus driver to there?
No, man, I on 'oliday.
Some spot you pick.
Oh. Mmm.
The pain. Pain is bad, bad.
I don't have nothin' to do with these things, you know.
Make it go away. Doctor lady make it all right.
Uh-uh. Not this pain.
This pain go through and through me.

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