Meet Joe Black (1998): Meeting Drew


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The clip meeting drew from Meet Joe Black (1998)

Ooh. You all right? Yeah.
Also smart, you know?
Well, he had no choice. He knows you're a formidable adversary.
He said that? Yeah, I mean, you got him by the short hairs.
Yeah, the short and gray hairs.
We're all here, Bill. I appreciate this, Eddie.
Members of the board, this will just take a minute of your time.
As custodians of the company, you may receive information from what follows...
that will be valuable to you or not.
Either way, thanks. We're all ears.
Good evening, Bill.
Thank you, Quince.
I just wanted to say how appreciative I am of this, um, grand gesture.
Shut up and sit down.
You're a useless sack of shit, Drew.
You played footsie with John Bontecou...
so you could dismember my company to line your own pockets.
I don't know where you get that idea. The board agreed...
The board didn't know you were a mole who burrowed inside so you could bury us all.
Is this Mr. Black's fantasy? Another one of his whoppers?
Aren't you sick of this asshole lurking around? Nobody knows who he is.
But one thing everybody does know,
he somehow got your ear and has been pouring poison into it ever since.
You're the poison, Drew.
You've operated behind the scenes to suborn the trust of a man...
who has stamped you with his imprimatur of class, elegance and stature.
I've had the opportunity to be witness to every kind and degree of deception.
But Bill Parrish has been on the receiving end of machinations so Machiavellian...
that it has rarely been my experience to encounter.
And yet, he has combatted them stoically and selflessly, without revealing my identity.
Had he violated the vow of secrecy he took,
his task would have been far easier.
He could have turned defeat into victory.
But he is too honorable a man to have done that.

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