Meet Joe Black (1998): Board Meeting 2


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The clip board meeting 2 from Meet Joe Black (1998)

Good morning.
Morning, Bill.
Did you want to have a cup of coffee or something, Bill?
I don't think so. Do you?
To get to the point, we've received new information from John Bontecou...
concerning his desires for this company to merge with his.
And we wanted to set the details before you.
Is that it? Bontecou wants a quick response, and...
The answer is no. Quick enough for you?
Don't you want to hear the details?
I'm not interested.
I'm not interested in the big picture either. What I am interested in...
is how my board got convened behind my back...
and is entertaining a further proposal from a man with whom it offends me to do business.
I made a decision. Case closed.
So am I to understand from your response...
that you do not want to hear the details of Bontecou's offer?
Yes, you are to understand that.
And now, may I ask you a question?
Certainly, Bill.
Are you running this board, or am I?
That's it?
We've got a busy day ahead. This meeting's already set me behind.
Shall we adjourn? Uh, before we do, Bill, while we're here...
There's a second question the board would like a response to.
Far simpler one.
Who is the man standing to your left?
I've already introduced Mr. Black to you all.
But who is he? What are his credentials?
What is his relationship to you?
The board is deeply concerned.
We have reason to believe Mr. Black is not only influencing your decisions...
in regard to this company,

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