Meet Joe Black (1998): Father and Daughter Talk


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The clip father and daughter talk from Meet Joe Black (1998)

Good night, Susie. Get some sleep. Good night.
Yeah. See you tomorrow.
Good night. Good night.
That was wonderful. Mmm.
It's good to get together. Mm-hmm.
Do you mind if I raise a little caution flag?
Raise away.
What is the nature of your interest in Joe?
Remember how you told me about lightning striking?
The nature of it's in there somewhere.
Yeah. Well, I won't say you're on the wrong track, but, uh...
Then what will you say?
I don't think this is the lightning you're looking for.
I mean, Drew is a good man. I know I didn't seem to be completely in his corner before,
but, uh, I've come to appreciate that, um...
Now we love Drew? And Joe doesn't measure up?
What's going on? Nothing.
When you say "nothing" that way, it is not nothing.
Then what is it? It's something.
Okay. Good night.
I'll see you tomorrow. Yeah. Good night.
I know you're all as uncomfortable as I am to be meeting like this.

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