Scoop (2006): the Real Tarot Card Killer


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The clip the real Tarot card killer from Scoop (2006) with Scarlett Johansson, Woody Allen

Elizabeth Gibson, another short-haired brunette.
We should have gone to the police earlier.
You said that they wouldn't believe us...
...and they may not.
Sidney, it's about time we show my story to a real newspaperman.
By real, you mean what?
One that's living.
Vivian's father has a friend that works at The Observer.
Well, it's very vivid and rather shocking,
and there are some genuine circumstantial bits of evidence.
But let me give you a lesson in professional journalism.
No newspaper should or would ever run this story.
What? Why?
It would be fatally irresponsible and libelous.
All you have here are a number of titillating speculations.
Flamboyant theories that tarnish a man, and a well-known figure at that,
without a single shred of substantial proof.
So his mother was a short-haired brunette.
So he came late for a poker game
and said he was going away on a business trip and he got caught lying.
Yes, but who keeps a Tarot deck under a French horn?
It's not against the law to own a Tarot deck, or keep it wherever you like.
You'd look pretty foolish in court with your accusations,
and that's where you'll wind up.
Because he'd have no choice but to sue you and the newspaper,
and he'd win.
And to go to the police?
I'll come to that.
But first let me continue my tedious professorial lecture.
Vivian's dad and I go way back.
He said you were a journalism student.
You talk about getting a tip.
Okay, you won't disclose your source,
but what you have done is let your imagination run wild.
No, no.
What if I told you that my source happened to be a certain Joe Strombel?
The late Joe Strombel? Yep.
You mean, before he died he gave a student reporter
a major story and didn't follow it up himself?

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