Scoop (2006): House Tour


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The clip house tour from Scoop (2006)

Here we are.
Wow. This is really nice.
Thank you. Yes.
Do you do a lot of entertaining?
I'm embarrassed to say that I do.
You must think I'm an empty socialite. Much of it's political.
Oh, no. I think you're swell.
That's a lovely painting.
Oh, I recognize that from my art history books.
Oh, really? Yes. Henry Moore.
In fact, it was a present from Henry Moore to my father.
Oh, it's very beautiful. Is it Roman, or Greek, or something like that?
It's Roman, in fact. Second century A.D.
You have good taste.
I think you'll like what's downstairs.
The real treasures. Come.
Here we are.
These are all of my instruments. The room is climate controlled, it's
to protect all these beautiful pieces.
It's fantastic. Thank you. Thank you.
Yes, my family's been collecting it for years.
This is a Guarneri and a Stradivarius. You may have heard of them.
Oh, you play these violins? Oh, me? God, no.
But we lend them out. They need to be played.
All these old instruments, it's very romantic.
Shall I show you upstairs? Okay.

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