Scoop (2006): Kissing Attempt


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The clip kissing attempt from Scoop (2006) with Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson

Would I offend you if I told you something? Probably not.
You're very different from the women I usually meet.
That's a good thing.
Well, I just can't get the vision of you in your swimsuit out of my mind.
Oh, I'm glad you liked it.
It was marked down.
See, that... Now that's exactly what I mean.
You just have this very direct and informal way about you.
You take after your father.
Mmm-hmm. Great.
And you have a very sensual quality.
It's... But I'm sure you've been told that.
Wow. You work really fast.
Oh, God. Am I overbearingly aggressive? I'll stop.
Oh, no, don't!
You just were getting warmed up.
Are you romantic by nature?
I mean, I won't say, "Do you believe in love at first sight?"
Because that's a clich� but...
Have you ever had an experience
where a bell goes off just right away?
Sorry. I need those.
You see, I can't wear contacts.
I don't like to put my finger on my eyeball.

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