Scoop (2006): Sidney's Paranoia


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The clip Sidney's paranoia from Scoop (2006) with Woody Allen

What kind of idiot are you? Not a fox hunt?
I'd like to talk to these people in their own terms.
And, thanks for telling him I'm your father.
Oh, incidentally, he thinks my name is Jade Spence,
so that makes you Mr. Spence.
Wait a minute, I... This is too tricky. I don't want to go ahead with this.
Why? Your whole life is deception. You're a magician.
Yes, I'm a magician and I want to stay a magician. -Can I have a Coke please?
I don't want to get sued or deported
or arrested for stalking somebody.
This is a big guy you're dealing with.
This is a big story, no kidding. That's what Joe Strombel said.
That's why he returned, This is his last big scoop.
Hey. What do I care about Joe Strombel?
Suddenly I'm taking direction from a hunk of ectoplasm?
This could be very big for my career.
Your career's fine. You're on the college Bugle, or whatever...
You got years for scoops.
You know what? Forget you, all right.
I'll do this on my own. Go back to your card tricks.
I didn't say I wouldn't help you.
You know, I just... It has to be done properly.
You know, we gotta put our heads together.
If we put our heads together, you'll hear a hollow noise.

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