Scoop (2006): Garden Party


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The clip garden party from Scoop (2006)

Look at this place. All it's missing is a moat.
Ooh! Hey, I could get used to this.
Look at this.
Oh, there he is. Remember, Jade Spence.
Jade... Jade, who?
There you are.
Hello. -How are you? Welcome, Mr. Spence and Jade.
Mr. Spence.
You look stunning. Stunning. Oh, thank you. It's beautiful here.
Thank you. Thank you. Yes.
It's been in the family for years. About 400 years.
It's a little stuffy for my taste, but... Oh.
She said, "All that's missing is a moat."
I love that. I love the moat line.
"All that's missing is a moat."
Ah, this is my father.
Father, Stephen Lyman... These are my friends from America
I was telling you about. Oh, Lord Lyman.
Jade Spence, Mr. Spence.
How are you? Hello.
Curtsey, curtsey, curtsey...
I've never met a Lord before.
How exciting!
No, but there was that Earl that we... There was that Earl.
I do hope you're enjoying yourself.
Peter, why don't you show them around?
Absolutely. Would you like that?
Oh, it... Charmed, I'm sure.
Should we hit the buffet table first though?
No, Dad. Because the stuff looks great.
Remember, we wanted to look around.
Yes, of course, of course, blessed offspring.
Why don't we get a drink and then we'll start inside?
Oh, okay.

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