Scoop (2006): Killer's Confession


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The clip killer's confession from Scoop (2006)

It's so nice to be out here with you, just away...
...from the rest of the world and...
Yes, I often come out here to read and, well, and fish.
There's trout in the lake.
What are you thinking about?
You really want to know? Yes.
Just how ironic life is, and tragic.
Well, that I met you by rescuing you from drowning
and found you totally enchanting, and
now we've come full cycle and, alas, you're going to have to drown.
By now Sidney's confirmed that I killed Betty Gibson.
In my own defense, there really was no other way out.
At first I managed to hide my identity from her,
but I saw her too many times over the years
and she learned who I was, and...
Well, it became a constant demand for money, and
I just could not let that go on, could I?
I mean, my whole life and career
would be hostage to her moods at all times.

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