Cidade Dos Homens (2007): Preparing for Battle


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The clip preparing for battle from Cidade dos Homens (2007)

-Who'll use this one? -They're coming.
-Undo the safety... -Hey, Midnight.
You know how? You take this one.
-Cool. -Use this gun...
We're gonna kill Fasto. Got that?
What can the kids do? Little man, come here.
Show the kids the fireworks, they can keep watch.
-Okay. -Good, thanks, bro.
We're a good team.
Where's the other rifle?
-Let's give it to him. -To him?
-Right, not a rifle, not for him. -No way.
Okay, give him a pistol.
Point it down. It's to kill Fasto. Know him?
-That fucker? -Exactly. You kill him.
Midnight, he's not ready for that.
Because he's your brother?
Is that why he's not ready?
Sure he is, Tina!
Cut it out, Tina.
-Why are you doing this, Midnight? -Doing what, Tina?
You're sure to get killed.
He's with the dealers now, Ace.
-What's up with you? -I wanna fight for our hill.
-You're a dope. -Giving guns to 15-year-olds.
Can you believe it?
Stay out of it. They'll just use you and throw you out.
-Oh yeah? -Think about your dad.
I'm gonna fight, Ace. The hill is fucking ours!
What an ass...
This little bitch is Fiel's sister.
And that weasel is in cahoots with Fasto.
You little punk-ass!
You shouldn't mess with gangsters.
Cut off her hair, quick!
You crying, little girl? I'm gonna cut this one...
Cut it. This is a tough one!
-Where'd you get hair like this? -Done!
What's aweasel's sister called, Tina?
-A weaselet. -Gotta pay.
That's my sister in the cab.

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