Cidade Dos Homens (2007): Looking for Heraldo


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The clip looking for Heraldo from Cidade dos Homens (2007)

Now, now!
Get it, get it!
-Shoot! -A goal kick!
Fullback or forward?
Who, your dad? Probably the goalie, if he plays like you.
Look, that must be him! You guys have the same style.
It's hereditary, you'll have the same potbelly!
A huge one!
Game's over, let's go see.
See you all next week! Thanks!
Are you Heraldo?
No, I'm Bira.
-What's your name? -Vadinho.
-Do you know anyone named Heraldo? -No.
-Do you know Heraldo? -Geraldo?
-I know many Geraldos. Which one? -No, Heraldo, the waiter.
Don't know him.
-Do you know anyone named Heraldo? -Heraldo?
-Heraldo Coutinho? -No, Heraldo, waiter.
Exactly. What do you want with him?
Wallace's father is a friend of his.
He wants to be a waiter, so he thought Heraldo could help.
Your dad hasn't seen him in awhile, has he?
It's been awhile.
If Heraldo gets him any job, it'll be at the prison cafeteria.
He's in jail for what happened at the Fiery Bull.
-The Fiery Bull? -The famous steakhouse. Remember?
He got 2O years. Last I heard, he was in Frei Caneca.
Sorry about that.
-Thanks. -Good luck.
Let's forget it.
What? You wait 18 for this and now you chicken out?
Yeah, but I didn't think I'd find him here.
What if he's dead?
Don't talk like that! Come on.
He walked out of here 7 months ago.
-He's on parole. -What'd he do?
-What? -What was his crime?
-Who are you? -His son.
Hello? Hi.

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