Cidade Dos Homens (2007): Camille and Fiel Talk


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The clip camille and fiel talk from Cidade dos Homens (2007)

Now, "d" equals "m" over "v"...
Excuse me, teacher.
-What are you doing here? -Your brother's alive.
-What? -Your brother's alive.
-Don't joke about this. -I'm not joking.
I want to see him. Where is he? How do you know?
Ace saw him.
Camila, I couldn't tell you I was alive, it was too dangerous.
We're waiting here to go in and retake Dead End Hill.
So stay alert, girl.
Stay home and lay low.
You know how these things work.
Hang up, man! You gonna talk to your chick all day?
Talk to you later...
Fasto, it's getting outta control.
Even my sister is onto things.
That punk Ace has been shooting his mouth off.
Midnight's no fool, man.
You know what?
Ace is a fucking moron.
But don't worry, bro...
Oh, Cris!
When we go in, he'll be the first to die.

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