Cidade Dos Homens (2007): Going to the Beach


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The clip going to the beach from Cidade dos Homens (2007)

Shit, Fasto. It's fucking hot today.
Hot, my ass. A gangsta never feels the heat.
-Sure is hot, man. -Hot as hell.
-Fucking sun... -lt's damn hot.
Beach time!
-You crazy? -Down to the beach, man.
That's asking for trouble, brother.
I'm putting on my suit, dude.
-You serious, Midnight? -You bet, Tina.
Use the hose, bro. I'll even hold it for you.
What 's that, Fasto? You'll hold my hose?
Hey, man, he wants to hold my hose!
Fuck off!
Come on, let's go to the beach.
You wanna go for a swim? Okay, buddy.
That's why I like you, bro.
Tina, go get the walkie-talkies and guns in the shack.
Bette, tell the cops we're coming through.
You wanna swim? You got it, bro!

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