Cidade Dos Homens (2007): 18th Birthday


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The clip 18th birthday from Cidade dos Homens (2007)

It's good to be Midnight!
I'm pissed off, Fiel.
That Midnight is a real asshole.
-Keep cool. -A real asshole. How you doing, bro?
Look at this, I stole it. It's cool, man. Listen...
-What is it, a radio? -MP3, dude.
Yesterday was the 2nd, wasn't it?
-Yeah. -Day of the Dead.
So today's the 3rd.
-That's clever, Ace. -lt's the 3rd, man!
-Right! Happy birthday! -My birthday!
Happy birthday to you...
Hey, wait! That means my birthday's next month!
Put it here!
-Damn! 18 years old! -Yeah, both of us!
Ever notice that rich kids, at 18, they get to drive.
And poor kids? They get to go to work.
That sucks.
I'm 18 and I've only screwed one girl in my life.
And on top of that, it's my wife! Jesus, man...
And Cristiane got pregnant the first time.
Just my luck.
Hey, Caju! Watch the kid!
I'll be 18 and I don't even know who my father is.
Even worse, it'll be marked on my lD forever "father unknown".
Forget that business about your father.
Look at me. I forgot mine ages ago.
I can't, Ace. I just can't.
Let's go chill in the water.
Come on...
Hey, got any Proibidão CDs?

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