October Sky (1999): Science Class 2


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The clip science class 2 from October Sky (1999)

Listen now for the sound which forevermore separates the old from the new.
That's it? That's the Sputnik?
That's Sputnik.
Well, big deal.
Big deal? What you fail to grasp...
is that the sound you're hearin' is bein' transmitted...
by an object that is travelin' at 18,000 miles per hour,
559 miles high,
a-a-and orbitin'the Earth e
e-every nine... Shut up!
Boys, not in my class!
Thank you, Quentin.
Now Quentin's right, y'all.
Sputnik is a milestone in history.
Things'll never be the same again.
What do you think about that, Homer? Well, yes, ma'am. Uh...
Cat got your tongue?
We were talkin' about bein' in orbit,
hundreds of miles away from the Earth.
You know anything about that?
No, ma'am.
I got my eye on you, boy.
Now who can tell me why Sputnik is so important?
We ought to just shoot the damn thing down.

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