October Sky (1999): Homer's Coal Mining Future


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The clip Homer's coal mining future from October Sky (1999) with Chris Cooper, Don Henderson Baker

Come on. Come on, Jensen.
Come on back.
Come on. What happened?
Whole damn mountain 'bout fell on your head.
And John here... he saved your life.
That's my dad.
I want you out of this mine. Don't come back, you stupid son of a bitch.
Didn't I tell you to watch the roof, huh?
Now we could've all been killed 'cause you didn't have the sense to look up!
That's my dad.
Well, how'd it go?
Well, I told you. You spend the summer shovelin' coal,
and you'll be playin' linebacker next fall.
What's the matter, Homer? Not cut out for mining coal?
Me neither.
Hey, let's get that mess cleaned up!
Let's get some cribbin' on that roof!
Buck up, Homer. You're a Coalwood boy.
When you get down in the mine, get that coal shovel in your hand,
feel just as natural to you as a tick on a dog.
And get that slate off the loader!
It's the radio signal transmitted by the Soviet Sputnik.

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