October Sky (1999): Successful Rocket Launch


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The clip successful rocket launch from October Sky (1999) with William Lee Scott

Great. How'd they find out about it?
My brother.
You know, we poop out this time, the whole county's gonna be laughin' at us.
Who cares what any of them think? Easy for you to say, Quentin.
You're used to people makin' fun of you. All right now.
Quentin's right, y'all.
Homer, you don't have to prove anything to anybody.
You remember that.
Now go launch yourself a rocket.
Come on, boy. Homer!
Hello, Dorothy.
Is that thing really gonna fly? Well, it, uh...
That thing had better fly, or you can kiss your chances of losin' your virginity good-bye.
Hey, couldn't you guys find somethin' better to do?
Hey, listen. There's no practice on Saturdays.
You little sisters are the only entertainment in town.
Yeah, we were gonna drive over to War, but then we thought,
hey, let's go see Homer blow himself up.
That's real funny, Jim.
Hey, Homer. Come on. We don't got all day.
Shut up, Jim. Homer, everything ready?
Wait, wait. What? What do you mean, wait?
Where are you goin'?
Hurry up, y'all.
All right. It won't fly unless somebody pulls the string.

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