October Sky (1999): Ask Help from Quentin


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The clip ask help from Quentin from October Sky (1999) with Chris Owen, Jake Gyllenhaal

# Yakety yak, yakety yak ## You can't be seen with him, Homer.
He's a weirdo. You go ahead,
but you can kiss your social life good-bye.
Hi, Homer. Hi.
I don't let anybody copy my homework.
I don't wanna copy your homework.
do you know anything about rockets?
Of course I do.
Uh, you wanna come with me over to the library?
What do you wanna know about rockets?
Well, rocketry was actually invented by the Chinese as early as 1,000 A.D.
And, supposedly, they were quite sophisticated.
Potassium chlorate and sulphur.
Uh, well, what'd you use?
Uh, somethin' like that.
Hey, Quentin, this is great.
This is exactly... We have everything we need in here.
Roy Lee, drive me to my house.

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